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Club Trials
Do you enjoy swimming and wish to join a friendly, but competitive swimming club? We have a squad to suit all abilities! Why not try out at White Oak Swimming Club? Trials re-commence in September.

Experienced Competitive swimmer?
Come and join us! Train with us for 2 weeks (free) before you decide.

For general enquiries, email the Club Secretary: (secretary@wosc.co.uk)

For membership enquiries, email the Club Membership Secretary:
ASA Calender 2013-15

Autumn 2014 Schedule of Time- Trials & League Matches.
Time Trials events schedule please click Here

3/4 Jan 2015S Bexley SC Open. Crook Log
Don't miss the sign in.
3/4 Jan. 2015 Basildon Phoenix LC Open.
Basildon Sports Village.
21/2/15 - 8/3/15 Kent ASA Championships
14/3/15 Millenium League, Eltham.
15/3/15 LSSA Championships, CP.
22/3/15 EDSC&OJJ L3 Open.
28/3/15 WHL.
28-29/3/15 Bournemouth L2 Open.
22/4/15 New Club Champs I!
17/6/15 New Club Champs II!
13/6; 12/9; 21/11 KJL 2015
28/3 ; 6/6 ; 4/7 ; 19/9 WHL 2015

KJL = Kent Junior League
WHL = White Horse League


We now have a Facebook page under the name of "White Oak Swimming Club". Use it for swimming information, photos, videos, comments and suggestions.
(Please be aware of ASA Child Protection policies)

The New Bexley SC Open. November 27/28 Deadline for club entry 21 Oct.
Entry Instructions, Guidelines, Programme, IndEntryForm

I appologise to WOSC members about the website not being kept up to date during this season (mostly September), particularly in terms of information on Club Supported open meets. Wendy Elvin (the Club Open Meets Sec) has been circulating details and entry information by email on these meets (EDSC Super Sunday, OOJ L3 Open, Gravesend and Northfleet, Kent development meet, and the Bexley L3 meet).
If you have not received email information, please email Wendy (wendyelvin@hotmail.com) and Kelly (caspiancrew@aol.com) so they have your up to date email address.
I have been unable to mirror Wendy's email shots to you all, since Wendy's deadlines are many, very tight, and posting is very time consuming. Also, I (KR) have not been well and neither have my computers.
It is very important that swimmers who might wish to enter the Kent Championships this year enter one or more open meet before Xmas to get some valid entry times. Club Champs and Leauge matches are not licensed, so do not count as valid for Kent entry.
The Kents are changing this year...SEE THE FOLLOWING NOTE. They are earlier, starting in mid January, and end before the February half term. So, the last chance event, the Bexley Level 3, has been moved to the end of November!!

See the planned new structure document.
1. The start in early january, and end BEFORE half term, on 17th Febuary.
2. They are Long Course, (50m pool) at Crystal palace.
3. There are Automatic Entry times and Consideration times. The numbers entering each event for each age group are to be restricted to 28 for the 50m sprints, less for the longer distances.
Effectively, the QTs have been made harder.
4. No Relays are planned for, as yet.

Basildon Phoeinix SC Open Level 2. Today at 1.00am
Register for time-trials at 1.00am £6 each.

Harry R has been invited to join Phase 2 of the England Talent Programme 2015. This consists of an Induction Day at Loughborough (ASA HQ) on 22 Nov 2015, and a Swim Camp, 21-23 Dec 2015 at an as yet "unspecified location".
(Harry was invited last year also, but did not take up the invitation fully. It seems selection on a GB Youth team for an International Meet depends on acceptance and successful completion of Phase 2.)
[NOTE: the new British SC Championships take place 17-20 Dec 2015, in Sheffield. Harry is qualified for his usual favourite events 50fl, 50fr & 100fr, but will not compete, since the ASA says the Phase 2 camp "takes precidence".]

Harry R has been selected to represent Kent, in the annual National Inter-Counties Championship, which takes place at Ponds Forge in Sheffield on 18th Sept. 2015. This is the 3rd year in succession that Harry has been selected for for the Kent team in this Championship meet.

EDSC Sprint Super Sunday Results(20/9/15): by Event; by Name.
(also on the Results page) A Gold for Demi F, & a Silver for Alex A.

WHITE HORSE 4. This took place from 6.00pm on Saturday 19th Sept. 2015, at the London Aquatic Center (i.e. the 2012 Olympic pool!) with WOSC being the "Host Club". Unfortunately, the starting equipment was unreliable and this meant the Gala did not finsih until near 10.00pm. Result Sheets are awaited.

Club Champs 3 (16 Sept. 2015). Results are here, as a Word doc,
and on Results page.

KJL 12 Sept 2015. This was held in Margate. Unfortunately WOSC could not raise a team for this Gala and had to withdraw. Unfortunately for Angela Spells, and daughter Charlotte, they did not see the cancelation notice and rolled up in Margate alone!

September 5th Time-Trials Results are on the Results Page.
Or here as pdf, or xlsx.

Anja Ward, a long time swimming and coaching member of the club, has gone to Herriot University, after her success in her A-levels.  In recent years Anja has obtained a Level 1 coaching qualification, and has supported the club by coaching some of the younger swimming squads. She will be much missed.
Fortunately, the long University vacations will probably see her returning to swim or coach with the club.
A message from Anja:
"I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards my leaving gift, it was really fun to look through all the bits and pieces! I am really enjoying the university life so far and the food has already come in very useful! I will miss coaching and training with everyone, but I will enjoy carrying on training with Heriot-Watt's swimming team! Thank you everyone! Anja

Michael Moxon, former Boys/Men Club Captain, and several times Boys Club Champion recently took his leave of us, for an adventurous career. Congratulations Michael, and good luck in your career.
Michael has been with WOSC, boy and man, and in recent years he has been the lead male swimmer in the club.
He will be sorely missed in the training sessions where he set a searing pace; and in the WOSC League matches, where his strength pace and stamina underpinned many successful results for the club.
In the last few years Michael qualiified as a Level 1 coach and will be warmly remembered for his many coaching sessions to young swimmers. As Club Captain he was also a major support to the younger swimming teams in their league matches.
We all hope your career commitments allow you to return and swim with us again, sometime in the future.

NEW SEASON: 2015-2016.
Welcome back, WOSC swimmers and parents, to the new 2015-2016 season. Hope you are well rested after the summer break, and ready for some hard training, and successful competition.

Normal training resumed on Monday 31st August.  

Margaret McInness (of Club Records) is our new Chairperson.
Steph Beckley is our new Deputy Chair.

Club Championships: CC3 on 16th Sept. 2015.
6.00pm for 6.30 start.
DEADLINE for ENTRIES is Wed. 9th Sept.
Sorry, but no email entries accepted this time. Some entries went astray in CC2 and we want to avoid this by focusing entry and payment in the Cafe on Wed. 2nd & Wed. 9th.
PLEASE USE THE ENTRY FORM to enter. Scribbled entries on the back of an envelope can easily "get lost".
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White Oak Swimming Club was founded in 1967. It is a very friendly and relaxed club, with convenient training times, and caters for swimmers of all ages and abilities. We have a well-qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic coaching team and train at White Oak Leisure Centre, Hilda May Avenue, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7BT. We have several squads to suit swimmers needs and abilities and we compete in all levels up to National.

Club nights are every Wednesday evening. This is where Committee members and helpers are on hand to meet parents and answer any questions. There is also a club shop every Wednesday selling swimming hats, T bags and other items..

We run thee ASA Badge Schemeefor developing swimmers where badges can be achieved for swimming distances in certain times . We have four Club Championships each year, monthly time trials,   have many League matches, and attend many Open Meets..